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cell phone tracker{August 2014 Update: I now recommend Highster Mobile instead. The reason for the change is because SpyBubble switched to a recurring payment structure recently. They also removed the ability to overhear phone calls. On the other hand, Highster Mobile is still a one-time fee while also having MORE FEATURES than SpyBubble.}

Welcome to Cell Phone Tracker X Dot Net! Here, I show you the best cell phone tracking software (in my own honest opinion) that I presently use. If you want to track somebody else’s phone, then you’ve come to the right place! The cell phone tracker is basically a software which is installed on a target phone to monitor and record all of its calls, messages, location, transactions, etc. And it’s just what I talk about here.

Phone Tracker Features

  • Comprehensive: The software can record ALL the relevant information you would ever need. (More details about this are given below.)
  • Real Time: It can record ALL the phone’s information LIVE.
  • Accessible Everywhere: The records of the phone’s transactions are easily accessible from ANY computer or smartphone. As long as the device can access the internet, the cell phone tracker will work in it.
  • Unlimited: You can install the cell phone tracker on UNLIMITED number of phones.

You must try it out now. Besides, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, so it’s not a big deal.

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The Best Cell Phone Tracking Software…

  • Read the target phone’s text messages. You can do this with the phone tracker even if the text message gets erased on the target phone.
  • View its call logs. You can see who called, the full numbers, the time of the calls, and how long each call was.
  • Access its phonebook. You can see ALL the phone numbers registered in the target phone.
  • Track the phone’s GPS location.  The cell phone tracking software integrates Google Maps technology to give you REAL-TIME information on the phone’s whereabouts.
  • Read the phone’s emails. This is true for all outgoing and incoming emails.
  • See the URLs browsed through the phone. The cell phone tracker app records and lets you see the URLs that were visited using the phone’s browser.
  • See the pictures taken using the phone. This also helps determine where the person went and who was with him/her.

And There’s More! (When You Go PRO!)

  • Listen to the phone’s calls LIVE. If you don’t have time to listen to live calls, they would also be recorded for you.
  • Listen to the phone’s surroundings LIVE. Even if the phone does not make a call, you can still listen to its live environment.

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So What’s Inside The Cell Phone Tracking Software?

Once you become a member, you’ll immediately be able to access the cell phone tracking software. This is how it looks like inside… (Pictures were taken in March 2012. Personal information are crossed out for the sake of privacy.)

Member’s Login Page

cell phone tracker

Here, you’ll key in the email address you used to register with the cell phone tracking software. And also the password that will be given to you.

Dashboard Page

cell phone tracker

This is the member’s area where you’ll find your account summary. You’ll also see that there’s the License Key. Such key is very important since you’ll need it to install the cell phone tracking software on the target phone.

Call Details Page

cell phone tracking software

Regarding the Call Details, the Date and Time of Call, the Phone Number, the Type of Call (Incoming/Outgoing), and the Duration of each call are all given.

SMS Details Page

cell phone tracking software

Here, the Date and Time the Text Messages were sent/received are given. As well as the Phone Numbers and SMS Type (Incoming/Outgoing). And of course, the Text Message itself!

GPS Details Page

cell phone tracker

You’ll be able to see here the coordinates of the phone’s locations at different days and times. You can also see the location in the “View Map mode”.

Email Details Page

cell phone tracker

You can see here the emails that were sent and received through the phone. Plus important details such as date and time, sender, and receiver.

URL Details Page

cell phone tracking software

Details about the URLs visited using the phone’s browser are also shown… and also when they were visited.

Photo Details Page

cell phone tracking

Even pictures taken using the phone are uploaded to this cell phone tracker app. And again, also the dates and times when they were taken.

Phonebook Page

phone tracking

You can see all the phonebook details here. All the numbers and names that are in the phone memory can be accessed here. (The Live Call Listening Feature and the Live Environment Listening Feature are not yet included in the images.)

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